Career Guidance

Our Career and Guidance Department helps every student to explore possibilities – ones that go in tandem with their respective skills and abilities. This not only exposes them to a wide range of opportunities – both in India and abroad – but also helps them choose the right universities and guides them in the college application filling process.


We are regularly in touch with reputed universities from India and abroad – in the process, opening up a world of opportunities for every student.

Key focus of the Career and Guidance Department:

  • Working towards developing clarity of purpose in the student’s mind about their academic goals and professional choices.
  • Facilitating and motivating the student to shortlist good – fit colleges, universities and institutions for higher studies in India and Abroad.
  • Providing an update and latest information on changes in International and National application process, SAT exams, application deadlines, all dos and don’ts of college applications are provided by the College Advisor.
  • Guiding students with the nuances of writing effective College Essays, Personal Statements and also coordinates with the teachers and students for the letter of teacher recommendations as per the desired criteria.
  • Counseling and guiding the students to link backwards in choosing their subjects both, after MYP 3 and MYP 5 levels.
  • Organizing Student Development Workshops, University Fairs, University Visits [in due course] and talks by eminent persons so as to expand the horizon of the student mind.
  • Reviewing all college applications and personal resume and achieve the strongest possible application. Steering students’ right from selecting subjects to launching themselves in the undergraduate/ degree colleges [in due course].

Student Support Programme [SSP]

We have a Student Support Programme which supports the needs of students with different learning abilities and needs. A team of specially trained educators work with our learners individually and in a group setting, enabling as well as equipping them with life skills that are crucial for healthy emotional development and growth. There are multiple forums where these special educators deliver explicit lessons that teach social and emotional skills.

“Emotional well-being is our ability to understand the value of our emotions and use them to move forward in a positive direction.”


At the Bloomingdale International School, the emotional well-being of our students is of prime importance. Today with the growing challenges, the better we are able to manage our emotions, the greater will be our capacity to enjoy life, cope with stress, and focus on priorities. 

It is for this reason that we lay emphasis on developing an emotionally intelligent student.


Circle Time

To help students deal with daily stressors, develop adequate life skills and learn effective coping mechanisms, we have Circle Time classes for our learners. During this forum, they express their thoughts, views and opinions on various topics while also learning how to deal with problematic situations positively. The goal at every stage is to equip our learners with self-regulatory mechanisms, develop a positive self-image, enhance their strengths, and grow into well-integrated, resilient individuals. This strengthens their emotional health and hones their social skills considerably.