Arts is an integral part of the IB curriculum. We integrate it with the ongoing unit to develop a deeper understanding of the unit and drive inquiry through Arts. Arts is divided into categories Visual Arts and Performing Arts(Dance and Music).

Visual Arts

Our Visual arts curriculum helps children respond, and create through various forms of arts. Skills relevant to Painting, sketching, sculpting, Molding, etc are covered with a focus on elements of Arts.

Music(Performing Arts)

The music curriculum is developed with a focus on Elements of Music: Rhythm, Melody, Duration, Structure, Pitch, Harmony, Tempo, and Dynamics. Through these elements, we build their skills to respond and create music through various instruments like Guitar, keyboard, ukelele, Drums, and Violin.

Dance(Performing Arts)

Through dance, our learners explore contemporary and classical art forms across the globe. In extension, they also develop a deeper understanding of the culture behind each form.

Theater(Performing Arts)

In future we will be offering Theater Arts as part of our curriculum