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At Bloomingdale International School, every detail is designed to ensure each child is happy, involved and learning


School For Creators

School For Creators

About Early Years at Bloomingdale

At Bloomingdale International School, every detail is designed to ensure each child is happy, involved and learning. Our Early Learning Village [Village Campus], located in the heart of Benz Circle, Amaravthi, only 9 km from BIS Galileo Campus, is built on the simple truth: the environment nurtures the child. From AY 2022, our Early Learning Centre at the BIS Galileo Campus will also be operational. Our Early Year’ programme is for the Playgroup only. Primary Years Programme is followed from Nursery upwards.

Our Early Years’ architectural experts have created exceptional spaces for sensorial learning at every turn on both the campuses. Families enjoy the warmth of natural wood timbers and bright airy open spaces, to provide endless opportunities to learn, connect and belong.

«Education is not preparation for life, it is Life itself»

Our Early Years Programme creates a unique and engaging learning environment. It employs the best of international pedagogies and is based on five areas of learning which converge towards our Mind Body Soul programme as illustrated here. Our areas of emphasis are:

Bloomingdale cultivate curiosity and discovery by providing hands-on learning experiences, sensory activities, and age-appropriate exploration. We create stimulating environments where children can freely explore their surroundings, ask questions, and engage in open-ended play. Our school encourage curiosity by introducing new concepts, materials, and experiences that spark children's interest and ignite their natural sense of wonder

Bloomingdale prioritizes emotional well-being by creating nurturing and supportive environments. We teach children to identify and express their emotions in healthy ways, using age-appropriate language. Our school provide opportunities for children to practice effective communication by encouraging them to express their thoughts, feelings, and needs. Teachers offer guidance and help children develop positive self-esteem, self-regulation skills, and the ability to navigate social interactions

Bloomingdale introduces children to the world around them by incorporating diverse cultures, traditions, and celebrations into their curriculum. We engage children in activities that promote an appreciation for nature, community, and the environment. Our School encourage conversations about different family structures, community helpers, and the importance of caring for our surroundings. By fostering an understanding of interconnectedness, Bloomingdale helps children develop a sense of belonging and responsibility towards their immediate and wider communities

Bloomingdale fosters imagination and creativity through imaginative play, storytelling, and artistic experiences. We provide open-ended materials and encourage children to explore their imaginations, create their own stories, and engage in pretend play. Our School incorporate music, art, and movement activities to stimulate creative expression. Teachers encourage children to think creatively, problem-solve, and explore various forms of artistic expression to nurture their unique creative abilities

Bloomingdale supports the development of independence by offering opportunities for children to make choices, take on responsibilities, and develop self-help skills. We create age-appropriate routines, encourage self-care activities, and provide opportunities for children to practice decision-making. Our school promote self-reliance by allowing children to explore their interests, engage in independent play, and take ownership of their learning. Teachers provide guidance and support as children develop skills that build confidence, autonomy, and a sense of accomplishment

Inquiry Learning: Learning Through Discovery

Broad and Balanced

An IB education represents a balanced approach, offering students access to a broad range of content that spans academic subjects.

In the PYP, learning aims to transcend boundaries between subject areas. As students develop in the MYP and DP, they engage subject-specific knowledge and skills with increasing sophistication.


Conceptual learning focuses on broad and powerful organizing ideas that are relevant within and across subject areas. It reaches beyond national and cultural boundaries. It helps integrate learning, add coherence to the curriculum, deepen disciplinary understanding, builds the capacity to engage with complex ideas, and allows transfer of learning to new contexts. PYP and MYP students learn the key concepts, and students in the DP further develop their conceptual understanding.


IB curriculum frameworks value concurrency of learning. Students encounter many subjects simultaneously throughout their programmes of study; they learn to draw connections and pursue rich understandings about the interrelationship of knowledge and experience across many fields. Course aims and programme requirements offer authentic opportunities to learn about the world in ways that reach beyond the scope of individual subjects.

Why Bloomingdale’s Early Years Programme


Ideal program for a child to start informal play based education. For kids of 2 years.


The program designed to focus on multiple intelligence an ideal form to get kids into formal education. Designed for kids between 3 to 4 years.

Early Years

This is the first introduction to formal education. The thematic lessons are designed with transdisciplinary focus. For ages 4 to 6 years.

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