Chairman's Message

Bloomingdale International School is a curated thought and sought-after dream for us. We have spent Thirty long years in our journey of inventing and innovating new methodologies in education. Then, we paused to reflect if the process could be made sooner and more effective through access to International Research on Pedagogy. The world-renowned IB (International Baccalaureate) opened doors for us and we pioneered in bringing IB education to Vijayawada!

In today’s rapidly changing world, there is no greater education than exposure. A child does not know what he or she is capable of until they are exposed to the infinite possibilities that await them. Our students bond with children from across the world through the School Connect Programs and Shared Projects. We aim to nurture a community of Creators, Performers, and Designers who will demonstrate the highest levels of Academic Achievement and respect for social and Cultural Values. We are eager and committed to helping enlighten and empower the children to find their greatness. Our Teachers from diverse backgrounds with International exposure help form the right adult models in the child’s mind, our Facility provides the Precise platform and the Program Philosophy keep us grounded to the principles of learning. We are certain to achieve the dream of educating future Self-starters and influencers who will make a difference to our community and the world one day.

It has been an exciting and fulfilling journey to be able to steer the quality of life in Vijayawada by educating generations here. It is disturbing to know of families parting with their little ones and sending them to Boarding Schools to provide International standard education. It is disheartening to see families resisting to come back to their hometown doubting the transition for their children’s education. We wish to fill this vacuum and offer aspiring opportunities for education in our growing city. We hope the families unite with their dear ones while not being deprived of high-quality schooling for their children. We seek to work with you as an extended family and invite you to experience a World-Class Education in Vijayawada.