Thursday, October 19, 2023

Little Chefs Cooking with Love at Bloomingdale International School. Whisks ready, aprons on, and smiles wide! Our Bloomingdale Kichen turned into a flurry of excitement a sour little chefs donned their hats and proved that cooking truly comes from the heart. In a delightful event called "Little Chefs Cooking with Love", our budding culinary artists got hands-on experience in the magical world of cooking. These young gastronomes mixed, chopped, and stirred up some delicous dishes, learning not just recipes, but valuable lessons in teamwork, patience and nutrition. Swipe through the joyous moments captured a sour students explored the art of making healthy snacks, understood the importance of a balanced diet, and decorated their plates with rainbow colours of fresh produce. Bloomingdale International School is proud of its Little Chefs, who showed us that delicious meals are best prepared with two main ingredients: enthusiasm and love.

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