Early Years

At Bloomingdale International School, every detail is designed to ensure each child is happy, involved and learning. Our Early Learning Village [Village Campus], located in the heart of Benz Circle, Amaravthi, only 9 km from BIS Galileo Campus, is built on the simple truth: the environment nurtures the child. From AY 2023, our Early Learning Centre at the BIS Galileo Campus will also be operational. Our Early Year’ programme is for the Playgroup only. Primary Years Programme is followed from Nursery upwards.
Our Early Years’ architectural experts have created exceptional spaces for sensorial learning at every turn on both the campuses. Families enjoy the warmth of natural wood timbers and bright airy open spaces, to provide endless opportunities to learn, connect and belong.

Our Focus for Playgroup

"Education is not preparation for life; it is Life itself."
- John Dewey

The secret to educating a student lies in respecting the child.
Our areas of emphasis are:
  • Learning as a holistic process, addressing physical, emotional, social and cognitive dimensions
  • Building readiness for Primary Years Programme
  • Small, learner-centric classes, allowing facilitators to address the specific needs of each child
  • Conceptual learning units supported by an inquiry-driven approach
  • A range of developmentally-appropriate pre-reading and pre-number experiences, laying the foundation for learning in Primary Years Programme
  • Facilitating the development of fine and gross motor skills
  • Fostering self-esteem, confidence and independence in learners
  • Emphasis on language development, communication skills, creativity and self-expression
  • Ongoing reporting of learner progress to provide continuous feedback and build a strong home-school connection
Our Early Years Programme creates a unique and engaging learning environment. It employs the best of international pedagogies and is based on five areas of learning which converge towards our Mind Body Soul programme as illustrated here

Ideal program for a child to start informal play based education. For Playgroup- 2 years


The program designed to focus on multiple intelligence an ideal form to get kids into formal education. Designed for kids Nursery- 3years

Early Years

This is the first introduction to formal education. The thematic lessons are designed with transdisciplinary focus. For ages 4 - 5 years