College Guidance & Placements

Bloomingdale International School has taken a pioneering step by establishing a dedicated, full-time, in-house college counselling cell, making it the first of its kind in the region.
In the current landscape of K–12 education, career and college guidance are the vital importance. It is the cherished aspiration of every student to secure admission into a prestigious university or college for their higher education. However, admission criteria for universities and colleges go beyond mere grading systems. They prioritize the holistic development of students, focusing on their intellectual curiosity and drive.
This intellectual curiosity is reflected in the student's profile, which is shaped by their involvement in various activities. Hence, there is a crucial need to streamline these activities to guide students towards the right college fit. Thus, the inclusion of comprehensive career and college guidance in schools becomes exceedingly essential.
At Bloomingdale, we believe in the adage that the early bird catches the warm. Hence, we commence our counselling services for students starting from grade 8 and onwards. Our comprehensive approach entails raising awareness about profile building, providing guidance on PSAT/SAT exams, organizing college fairs, conducting master classes and guest lectures from universities and industry experts, and assisting with the college application process, among other invaluable resources.

Grade 8

• Create awareness on profile building.
• Take part in career assessments.
• Explore in-person university visits.
• Guidance on summer programmes and internships
• Awareness on a standardised test (PSAT/SAT)

Grade 9

• Creating awareness of self-interest in academic and co-curricular activities.
• Exploring them varies among stem, steam, and non-stem courses.
• Explore in-person university visits.
• Guidance on summer programmes and internships
• Awareness on a standardised test (PSAT/SAT)

Grade 10

• Research colleges and universities
• Awareness of college essays and their importance
• Study options in different nations
• Explore in-person university visits.
• Guidance on summer programmes and internships
• Awareness on a standardised test (PSAT/SAT)
• Guidance on subject options for the IB Diploma.

Grade 11

• How to explore the best-fit universities.
• How to craft a resume or curriculum vitae and a preliminary list of colleges
• How to college essay
• looking at different types of college applications.
• Awareness of college application timelines
• Plan SAT exams as per the international application deadlines.
• The importance of teacher recommendation letters

Grade 12

• finalising an active college list to apply.
• guiding the application process.
• Match with early action, early decision, and regular and rolling application deadlines.
• Transcript guidance.
• Awareness of conditional and unconditional offers.

In-House College Counselling Cell

The career counselling cell serves as an enlightening resource for students, enabling them to delve deeper into the realm of universities. We have recently inaugurated our in-house career counselling and guidance cell, equipped with an extensive collection of university brochures and pennants. Students will have the invaluable opportunity to peruse these materials and engage in interactive discussions with our knowledgeable college counsellor.

PSAT Centre

Bloomingdale is the authorized center for administering the PSAT exams. Annually, we facilitate the administration of the PSAT 8/9, PSAT 10, and PSAT NMSQT for students in grades 8 to 10. We warmly welcome students from other schools to partake in these examinations as well. For those interested in registering, please do not hesitate to reach out to our college guidance counsellor at


The school collaborates with an international college and career planning portal called CIALFO. This comprehensive platform is used by BIS students to discover careers and colleges that fit their profile and interests.

What CIALFO offers:

• Assessments on personality, learning & productivity, intelligence.
• College Plans with college data, applications, recommendation requests and campus visits

University visit

Bloomingdale provides a platform where students can engage in direct interactions with university representatives, facilitating a deeper understanding of various programs, scholarship opportunities, post-study prospects, and more. Throughout the year, our school welcomes over 100 universities from diverse countries, allowing students to gain firsthand knowledge from these visits.