Founder’s Day

Spring Time at Bloomingdale

Bloomingdale celebrated Founder’s Day on Saturday 14 April 2018.
Closing the year with Floral tribute is such a beautiful feeling. There’s something about fresh blossoming flowers on a tree-lined street out of a field of grass that makes us happy.
Spring was the theme for the celebration. The new beginnings at Bloomingdale marked with the freshness of Spring!!
The event was organized on Galileo Campus. All Bloomingdale families & well-wishers were invited to participate in the celebration.
The event began at 6:00 pm with the inauguration of the Art Gallery & Photo Gallery. Displays of students work & evidence of their joyful learning were witnessed by the guests.
Mr. Arikipudi Ramana Rao who was the chief guest of the show, spoke motivating the young generation.
The little learners of Bloomingdale – Isha, Dhruv, Kavin, and Karthi, along with Teachers hosted the entire show and took the audience through the musings of spring across the globe. It was amazing to see the confidence & happiness of students on stage.

The Head of the school Ms. Boney Rao presented the annual report with Pride based on the multiple achievements of the school.
The cultural show began at 7.00 pm in the evening, all our children actively participated in Music – Orchestra, singing and performed different international styles of dance.


Our little toddlers gave an extraordinary performance in Orchestra by playing enjoyable rhythms and sang “Its spring” and “Spring is here”. All the guests and especially parents felt extremely happy and delighted seeing their loved ones on stage performing incredibly.

1. Spring Dance
It is that time of the year which brings life into everything in nature. It’s time for spring and let me get the secret out for you. Spring is out from deep slumber, every creature out to meet you. Our playgroup kids came live as Butterflies, Bugs, frogs etc.,

2. Polish Dance
The nature of Poland awakens from its winter slumber, the trees covered with delicate green mist, flowers bloom, filling the air with wondrous aromas, and Nightingale trills raise the already good mood.

We all witnessed the excitement of our little kids performing. Dressed up in Polish costumes featuring coral necklaces, hats, and capes; large flower crowns, colorful head scarfs, also the Fur hats.

3. Jamaican Dance
We have the days when the gold sun shines on the lush green fields and when the rain beats like bullets on the roof. Best of all, are the days when the mango and logwood blossoms, And the air is filled with the sound of bees and the scent of honey.

Our kid’s performance was emphasizing individual talent, Yoruba dancers and drummers, expressing values, and collective creativity.

4. Dutch Dance
The Dutch appear in all its glory. Nature pleases the lush greenery, “floral dresses” lawns and greenhouses, as well first timid rays of the sun. We can enjoy all the fields of flowers in the style of “patchwork”, at this time chained to immense plantations of tulips.
Kids performed clogging, the Dutch folk dance in shoes by striking the heel, the toe, or both against a floor or each other and created audible rhythms.

5. Japanese Dance
It’s time for the cherry blossom season, the land of Sakura flowers. These sakura flowers are in full bloom and start to flutter gracefully from their trees.

The pink and white bloom which symbolizes human life, transience, and nobleness.
Our kids showcased a Japanese dance using many props such as umbrellas, hats, fans etc., Umbrellas are used in dances that are mainly about rain, hats are used in dances to do with farming.

6. All Seasons Dance
What a breathtaking view of beauty all over the world, at this time of the year. How fragrant the entire world gets is what we need to imagine.
Our young aspirant’s performance showcasing all the different seasons was the end of our cultural event.

So, to tell you dear BISites, the sky is not the limit for you. Aim at infinity and your dreams will turn into infinite reality.

The parents appreciated the program & went home with fond memories visiting the photo booth.
No sooner was the event over, the parents already mentioned their wait for the next year’s Founder’s Day which surely marks the success of the event

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