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Bloomingdale Celebrates Sankranti

Bringing alive the cultural heritage of Andhra. A dive into the upcoming festival of the State.

Bloomingdale International School celebrated the festival of Sankranti- Pongal, on Wednesday, 10 Jan’18 at their Village campus- Vijayawada. 

It was festive mood as cheerful children and their families dressed in vibrant colors of Langa-Voni, Sarees and Dhoti were seen hustling around the school campus, set up as a small village.

“We wished a cultural immersion, an empirical reminder of the rituals attached to the harvest festival and we are glad, it happened!!! Enduring to the IB philosophy of knowing local to global, the students were informed about the harvest festivals across India and across the world. It was interesting to see them make connections, finding similarities and differences”, said the Head of School, Ms. Boney Rao.

The school community experienced all the ceremonies, right from taking the blessings of Haridasu, throwing old articles in Bhogi Mantalu (mock representation), making of Pongal (sweet dish comprising of rice, jaggery, and milk), moving further to admire Bommala Kolluvu- Court of toys (Display of Dolls).

The highlight of the event was the ceremony of Bhogi Pandlu, where the children were blessed by all the elders starting from the Head of school to the Parents – using a mixture of berries flowers and rice, showered on them.


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